Women Retreat

A home is incomplete without its queen. A woman is solely responsible to give birth and raise children and nurture them until they make their own separate families. In our culture, she alone cooks food, cleans house, does laundry, washes dishes, prepares children for school and life and takes care of everyone and everything at home. However, the most important person she ignores to nurture throughout her life is HERSELF. 

We believe that the dream of a happy home cannot be achieved without a happy and healthy woman. We take a holistic approach to improve their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health. We focus on sprucing up their communication skills and healthy life style. We strongly believe that a healthy woman brings health to a home, family and society at large. We help women learning to care for themselves as effectively as they care for everyone else by working through four following areas.

Mind: Women juggle with many roles in life such as caregiver, daughter, sister, friend, employee, wife, homemaker, mother, daughter-in-law, mother and many others. Each of them are ruled by attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and perspectives. Most of them are carried by unrealistic expectations and societal demands that put huge burden on women. In the course of managing every role “perfectly,” we often forget to take care of our own emotional needs. Research shows that women are twice as likely to develop common mental disorders including anxiety, depression, trauma, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when compared to men. So, we must take our mind care as a top priority to significantly improve our physical and mental wellbeing.

Body: Women are notorious for not taking care of our physical health and putting everyone else needs before us. Psychologists have established that by attending to our bodies’ needs, we can become more attentive to our emotions and desires through which we can heal our emotional sphere including stress, anxiety, anger, and depression. When we pay close attention we can listen to what our bodies have to say and we can achieve the state of inner harmony and balance by simply responding to our bodies’ needs and taking good care of them properly.

Relationships: Healthy relationships are exciting and make us feel worthy. We must learn to build healthy relationships with anyone around us including family, friends, dating partners and spouses. The essential part of any healthy relationship between two people is mutual communication and sharing that is based on honesty, trust and mutual respect. We can learn to show respect and trust important people in our life. This doesn’t mean that we do not encounter any disagreements, they certainly happen. However, we can learn to stay calm and talk about how we feel in a certain situation. Talking with patient help us to see the real reason for not getting along that makes easier for us to figure out a remedy and eventually improves our relationships.

Spirit: Spiritual health is an integral part of our overall wellbeing and holistic health approach. Physical, mental, social and spiritual health, all are intertwined and have deep affect on each other. Spiritual health helps us to inculcate values including hope, forgiveness, self-respect, commitment, optimism, compassion, love, trust, honesty, respect and peace. It also helps us to find the meaning and purpose in life and clear values to live by. When we feel emptiness, self-judgment, conflicting values, and loss of meaning and purpose that’s the time when we need to reevaluate our spiritual health and take the remedy to improve it.

Our “Women Retreat” group training session is held on every Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm, in which we provide research based interventions to help girls and women to improve their physical, mental, social and spiritual well being to have a healthy, happy and serene life.

We are committed to create happy

and harmonious families.




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