Tough Love

Some parents confuse “Tough love” approach with authoritarian parenting. Authoritarian parents use a “my way or the highway approach” because they’re more concerned with getting teenagers to comply, rather than teaching life lessons. Tough love parenting differs in that it can still be warm and empathetic.

Parents use tough love approach to help a child become more responsible for his behavior while being respectful towards the child. They refuse to rescue him, offering extra chances, or preventing teenagers from consequences of their actions while being polite and gentle. Tough love allows teenagers to experience consequences for their behavior.

Tough love approach permits parents to set limits and stop shielding their teenager from consequences that teach life lessons to ensure that children understand that being a parent, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to help them do better.

The overall idea behind the tough love approach is for parents to love their child enough to consistently set firm limits and follow through with appropriate consequences when a teen breaks the rules. This approach also helps teenager to learn responsible for his behavior.

Our “Tough Love Parenting” program is a good fit for parents of children between 13 to 18 years old. Parents who enroll in this program learn to develop a deep and secure bond with their teenagers while maintaining their leadership position at home. They are more able to guide their teenagers to step in an adult life as a responsible, confident, capable and resilient individual.  

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