Teens Executive Functioning Skills

Being a parent of  teen and trying to raise him or her into an independent and responsible adult, it might feel like a constant combat. When you do your best to discipline him with good faith, you get criticism, hatred and disrespectful behavior. Moreover, your teenager doubts your love.

We provide you an alternative guide to controlling, pleading or useless punishments that weakens your relationship with your son or daughter. These alternatives are based on a science based program that help you to encourage teens’ individuality and freedom by building their executive functioning skills. These following brain based skills help teens to achieve better things in life. 

Response inhibition: It is our ability to think before we take any action and keep an eye on the consequences of those actions.

Working Memory: It is our capacity to retain the information in memory especially while performing complex tasks.

Emotional Control: It is our ability to control and manage our emotions in any difficult situation and focus on completing the given tasks.

Sustained Attention: It is our ability to focus on a particular task despite of the other distracting factors.

Task Initiation: It is our ability to initiate the task without any delay or procrastination.

Planning/ prioritization: It is our capability to make road maps in mind for any undertaken task and then executing it step by step by focusing on what’s important and eliminating what is not significant.

Organization: It is our ability to keep the track of tasks. Organization involves arranging tasks and taking complete responsibility of our actions.

Time Management: It is our ability to work on any task with a timeline and managing it efficiently. Time management is one skill to meet deadlines and staying within the given time limits.

Goal direction: It is our capacity to follow the goal till the finish line. Goal direction requires motivation and complete focus on the goal.

Flexibility: It is our ability to be willing to change strategies, beliefs or action plans according to the changing situations.

Meta Cognition: This skill involves analyzing situation from the bird’s eye view.

Our “Teens Executive Functioning Skills” program can help your teens learn step-by step strategies so, they could live up to their full potential now and in future and you can enjoy an enriching and everlasting relationship with your teens based on mutual respect and trust and love.

We are committed to create happy

and harmonious families.




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