Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling proactively helps individuals to build a realistic picture of a marital relationship. In most cases, individuals happily invest their emotions into the relationship prior and after the marriage. However, a marriage is built upon the strong foundation of commitment and unwavering trust that comes by investing some good logic in the relationship along with the emotions simultaneously.

Individuals are encouraged to identify and discuss about many predictable and invisible challenges that are lurking up on their way to the marital bliss such as intimacy, communication problems, money and financial management, expectations, beliefs and values, career choices(for working couples), children and parenting, decision making, conflict resolution, roles in the marriage and dealing with anger and emotions.

Getting pre-marital counseling helps partners to gain insight about upcoming stressors and how to manage them when they arise. It also gives them an opportunity to strengthen their communication skills and having realistic expectations from the partner. Moreover, it provides acumen to identify potential conflicts and equips partners with de-escalating techniques for a constructive resolution. Individuals are prepared to find a shared vision in life that they both want to pursue while achieving many milestones in their relationship. Pre-marital counseling could be the best wedding gift for yourself or a loved one that facilitates partners to embark on a new life journey together with success.

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