Post Divorce Recovery

A divorce is the most stressful and emotionally draining experiences in one’s life. Regardless of the reasons for the separation and whether it was our decision or not, the failure of a relationship can turn our world upside down and ignite all kinds of unpleasant, bitter and upsetting emotions.

Even when a relationship no longer serves us better, a divorce could be terribly awful as it indicates the loss, not just of the partnership but also of the hopes, dreams and commitments that we shared in a relationship. When such relationship fails, we experience intense despair, disappointments, worry and grief. After the divorce we find ourselves into unfamiliar territory where everything is suspended including our routine and responsibilities, our home and relationships with extended family and friends and even our identity as a couple.

Whatever the circumstances we are in; it’s important to figure out what got us here and where do we want to go from this point on? Mostly people suggest kitchen-table solutions when a friend or a family member faces such difficult situation and they want her to overcome all the mess within days and move on towards a new marriage as a quick fix.

Hence, it’s pivotal for the emotional healing that a newly single person allows herself to grieve over the loss and let herself to connect with the feelings and work through them instead of brushing them under the carpet. Moreover, such loss leaves us to question our self-worth, affects our confidence and we become petrified due to uncertainty, attention, change and struggle to move ahead in life without a spouse.

In such situation, we need to be honest with ourselves during this part of the healing journey. We must try not to dwell on blame game and judge ourselves harshly over the past mistakes. This phase of life provides an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, how we relate to others, the problems , and our behaviors that we need to work on. We help you to objectively assess your choices and behavior, so that you can make better decisions in life ahead.

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