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During the past twenty years, the social fabric of our country has been changing progressively and affecting the core of human family just before our eyes. We are living in a time, where women are raising their voice against injustice, gender inequality, domestic and emotional abuse. Whereas men are trying hard to find a good balance between their traditional macho man role in the family and modern, loving and empathetic head of the family who gives respect and space to everyone to voice their opinions and involve them in decision making process. Whereas, children are steadfast to exercising their own will without getting any prior life skills. So, this evolution brings chaos and stress on us being a family and we start rhyming and glorifying the ‘past.’ We believe that we have only one choice to move forward with the flow of this evolution process of human family. However, we must make this transition a joyous and adventurous journey for us that is filled with knowledge, wisdom and new learning. We are committed to create happy and harmonious families in such chaotic times.

Support for Couples:
They say, marriage is an ‘institution.’ It means we learn new things here as a couple that we haven’t taught before being single. Marriage helps us to grow as a person highlighting the different colors of our personality that we may not be fully aware of. Everyone wants a happy married life. However, happy marriages don’t just happen naturally, both partners consciously choose to work on their marriage everyday to make it happy and bear the fruits of a healthy marital relationship in the form of longevity and healthy life.

Couple therapy is not the guesswork anymore. It is the science based on the comprehensive body of research, careful laboratory observations and mathematical analysis. We are committed to help couples to find science-based solutions for their relationship problems that they face in the marriage. We infuse science with compassion to help partners to transform their marriages that they can characterize by respect, affection and empathy.

Training for Parents:
In today’s world, parents are struggling to discipline their children and have a smooth, respectful and healthy relationship with them at the same time. This sounds like they are striving for having the best of both worlds that doesn’t happen so often. When they choose to discipline these little humans they mostly become harsh and rude to them and when they choose to love them unconditionally they find hard to discipline them because kids don’t listen to them. We are committed to train parents (of 0 to 18yrs age children) with positive parenting skills that empower them with principal centered approach to raise their children and turning them into responsible, kind, courteous and pleasant humans.

Nurturing the Women:
A home without its queen is incomplete. A Woman is solely responsible to give birth and raise children and nurture them until they make their own separate families. She cooks food, cleans house, does laundry, washes dishes, teaches kids, prepares children for school and life and takes care of everyone and everything in home. However, the most important person she ignores to nurture throughout her life is HERSELF. We believe that a happy home dream cannot be achieved without a happy and healthy woman. We are committed to help women learning to care for themselves as effectively as they care for everyone else. We take a holistic approach to improve their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health. We focus on sprucing up their communication skills and healthy life style. When a woman is healthy, a family is healthy and when families are healthy, we can enjoy living in a healthy and vibrant society

We are committed to create happy

and harmonious families.




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