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Uzma Sadaqat frequently appears on different TV Morning and Talk Shows to educate people on issues related to couple therapy, parenting, teens training, women and psychological problems.

How to pick a good life partner?
Uzma Sadaqat talks about on making good choices when it comes to dating, relating and mating.

Why is education important for a girl child?Uzma Sadaqat sheds light on why we should support girls’ education.

How can parents manage screen time in children?
Clinical Psychologist Mrs. Uzma Sadaaqat explains the negative effects of screen time on children.

Why it doesn’t work to make New Year Resolutions?

Uzma Sadaqat explains why we should not wait for a new year to set a goal in life?

How to protect from domestic abuse?
Uzma Sadaqat talks about domestic abuse and its negative impact on women.

How to manage screen exposure in children?
Uzma Sadaqat explains less screen time improves brain health and performance.

How can women empower themselves?
Uzma Sadaqat talks about empowering women through enhancing their economic power.

How can couples improve their relationship?
Uzma Sadaqat talks about four behaviors that helps couple improve the health of their relationship.

Child Sexual Abuse
How to prevent children from sexual abuse??

Single Parenting Problems
Does single parenting affect children?? Dr. Sadaqat Ali and Uzma Sadaqat explain challenges and solutions of single parenting.

Anger Issues
How to manage anger and why anger management is important to have a balanced and healthy life?

Child Abduction and its Effects
Common reasons of child abduction and how it effects the child’s psychological health and well being?

Log Kia Kahein Gay??
How to face social anxiety and focus on what your heart says?

What is insomnia and how to develop good sleeping habits to have a sound sleep?

Tough Love
How can parents establish the writ over their children?

Prenatal Depression in Women
How to identify and manage prenatal depression in women?

Refuse to Raise a Brat
How to handle bratty kids and turn them into responsible, kind and courteous humans?

The Brutal Truth Behind Begging
How are we contributing to hurt others while apparently trying to help them?

Insecurities Between the Husband & Wife
Why couples experience insecurities in a marital relationship and how to deal with them?

How to Make a Happy Marriage
Every married couple need to identify and eliminate these four relationship killers from their day to day conversations to improve their relationship health.

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