Couple Therapy

In every culture, individuals go into a marital relationship expecting a fairytale life onwards and as soon as the honeymoon period is over, reality hits them hard in the face. Sometimes, one partner finds other’s habits nasty and other partner say mean words without giving a single thought how it affects the other one. Sometimes, conflicts emerge out of nothing and other time, external stressors apparently make it difficult to enjoy a smooth and harmonious marriage for couples. This doesn’t just happen to you or your loved ones. This has been happening to each married couple since the beginning of this sacred institution. Eventually some people decide to stay in the relationship for their own reasons and feel unloved, unappreciated, disrespected, betrayed or insecure throughout the life. Whereas, some leave the relationship thinking that they had chosen a wrong person and hope that getting married with Mr. Right/Ms. Right will solve the problem.

Conflicts are very much a part of any happy or unhappy marriage. How partners resolve or keep lingering on these conflicts, is the real game changer. Now research Psychologists could determine particular behaviors that lead to the divorce, so couples in troubled marriages could learn to change those behaviors with the help of a marriage counselor and save their marriages.

Through couples counseling, partners could learn to resolve their conflicts in a constructive way, and they become one step closer to each other after every resolution. They could learn vital communication skills that lead to lasting happiness instead of making complaints in a way that build emotional distress and distance. Moreover, they learn to establish some significant rituals on which their relationship thrives everyday. Happy marriages can be achieved by frequently repeated small and positive behaviors that make huge difference over time.

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