Brat Busters

Mostly parents unintentionally confuse love with overindulgence. They don’t want their children to undergo a moment of frustration or be deprived of any desire. But in truth, a balance of frustration tolerance and gratification is necessary to become a resilient and responsible adult. Certainly, every child is difficult at time, but real brats are always self-centered, demanding, and incapable of listening. Their parents must regularly plead, cajole, and bargain with them to exert some control. So the question is what makes a child become a brat in the first place? And what can a parent do, or not do to keep their children from becoming brats?

During past nineteen years while working with hundreds of families, teenagers and individuals with substance use disorders, I have come to this conclusion that adults with the greatest emotional difficulties were generally over-gratified, overindulged and overprotected as children. Subsequently, parents need to allow their children to work through their frustrations at an early age and not consistently indulge them. Children who learn to deal with frustrations at young age become more resilient in the face of adversity and challenges later in life. They don’t choose to use drugs to manage their emotional struggles as they are into their tweens (preteen) or teen age. They know how to bounce back when face with failures and loss. They consciously focus on long-term gratification.

Our “Brat Busters” program helps new parents to create the right balance between frustration tolerance and overindulgence. This program is the right fit for parents of 1day to 7 years old children. You are even encouraged to enroll in this program while you plan to or/and expecting your first child. Happy Motherhood!!!

We are committed to create happy

and harmonious families.




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